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Product update for My Net N750

Firmware Release 1.04.16 (12/20/2012)
| Release Notes


What's new!
  • This firmware version includes support for Windows 8.
  • Applied UPnP port map table to the user interface to show UPnP device mappings.
  • Added a pop-up detailed message about changing from Router mode to AP mode.
  • Applied fix for invalid hostname error message.
  • Added explanation for registering device.
  • Edited text message for safe removal of attached storage drive.
  • Resolved various translation issues in supported languages.
  • Resolved issue of thumbnails for photos not being displayed through media player devices.
  • Resolved files not showing up in iTunes.
  • Resolved QoS uplink speed auto detection issue.
  • Resolved issue of text overrun on various user interface pages.
  • Resolved issues with accessing/streaming content through the router DLNA server.
  • Edited DMZ description for more accuracy.
  • Applied fix to the 24-hour format in the Date and Time configuration section.
  • Fixed DST format to fit U.S. standard.
  • Resolved printer detection issue when removing the USB cable without using the safely remove option.
  • Resolved issue under ‘Add a Device’ section to reflect the countdown in real time.
  • Applied fix for WebUI Syslog showing user login time.
  • Updated UPnP/DLNA router icons to match Rally driver icons.
  • Applied fix for registration fields that retained information when screen is refreshed.
  • Applied fix for media player and Windows Media player that showed the same cover art icons.
  • Specified admin password length within the user interface (15 characters maximum).
  • Applied page correction after canceling a password change.
  • Resolved issue of WEP security with 128bit encryption feature.
  • Resolved WiFi wizard to allow WPS enabling.
  • Resolved Windows 7 backup/restore function using external hard drive.
  • Resolved registration so that invalid email address will have an error message.
  • Resolved Xbox to displays media file from router-attached USB drive.
  • Resolved media devices being intermittently unable to discover the router media server.
  • Edited DNS Relay to DNS Proxy.
  • Resolved wireless password display on the dashboard.